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    Description : Date: 11:55 UTC 01/06/1952
    Type: surface @91m
    Yield: 15 Kt

    This device used a Mk-5 bomb assembly and was intended to gather additional data on the initiation time vs yield curve. A device used of an external initiator as opposed to an internal one activated by the implosion shockwave. This device known as a betatron used electrons to generate high energy X-rays inducing photo-fission in the core to initiate the chain reaction. The betatron allowed very accurate control of initiation time. The test device had a diameter of 100cm and weighed 1224kg, the cloud reached 11,000m. The shot was postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions, and was also moved to a different area of the Nevada Test Site due to redidual ration from the previous shots Easy and Fox.

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