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    WW1 Gallery Updated
    Lots of new images added to the WW1 photo gallery

    | View Gallery |

    Posted by sonicbom on Thursday, November 27 @ 13:54:14 MST (13844 reads)
    (Read More... | Score: 5)
    The Third Core’s Revenge
    By the end of August 1945, there had been a total of three plutonium cores created in the entire world. Everyone knows about the first two. The first was put into the Gadget and detonated at Trinity in July 1945. The second was put into the Fat Man and detonated over Nagasaki in August 1945. The third, however, has been largely overlooked. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Friday, April 04 @ 06:33:23 MDT (24644 reads)
    (Read More... | 7713 bytes more | Score: 4.66)
    Lockheed Martin Announces SR-71 Blackbird Successor
    Lockheed Martin has unveiled news that a Mach 6 capable successor to the legendary SR-71 Blackbird could be demonstrated as soon as 2018. As well as a reconnaissance, the aircraft could be used as delivery platform for a new generation of hypersonic missiles.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, November 11 @ 08:14:12 MST (28356 reads)
    (Read More... | 5637 bytes more | Score: 4.83)
    Nuclear Testing History in Films Project
    My friends project site for experiments in digital color restoration for selected atmospheric testing era films, obtained from U.S. government sources - 14mev.blogspot.co.uk|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Sunday, September 08 @ 04:02:03 MDT (22919 reads)
    (Read More... | 1252 bytes more | Score: 4.2)
    The Nuclear Outboard Motor
    In the early 1960s the U.S. Navy worked to develop a disposable atomic-powered outboard motor that would have made America’s warships a Hell of a lot more efficient. But there were some problems.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Tuesday, September 03 @ 15:42:01 MDT (25490 reads)
    (Read More... | 5549 bytes more | Score: 5)
    Nuclear Testing Wallpaper
    A collection of large high quality images of atmospheric nuclear testing for use as computer wallpaper.

    Posted by sonicbom on Saturday, November 17 @ 15:54:43 MST (19098 reads)
    (Read More... | Score: 4)
    Skydiving from the Edge Of Space
    In the late 50's and early 60's Joseph Kittinger participated in a number of record breaking jumps from the edge of space, setting records that stand to this day: the highest balloon ascent, highest parachute jump, longest free-fall, and fastest speed by man through the atmosphere. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Friday, August 10 @ 11:44:49 MDT (28619 reads)
    (Read More... | 5795 bytes more | Score: 4.25)
    Did nuclear fallout Kill John Wayne?
    The tragic tale of the "The Conqueror" and the deaths of those involved in its making. The brain child of eccentric billionaire and aviator Howard Hughes, the historical epic cast John Wayne as Temujin aka Genghis Khan.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, March 05 @ 10:10:18 MST (42729 reads)
    (Read More... | 10553 bytes more | Score: 4.1)
    Undark and the Radium Girls
    In 1922, a bank teller named Grace Fryer became concerned when her teeth began to loosen and fall out for no discernible reason. Her troubles were compounded when her jaw became swollen and inflamed, so she sought the assistance of a doctor in diagnosing the inexplicable symptoms. Using a primitive X-ray machine, the physician discovered serious bone decay, the likes of which he had never seen. Her jawbone was honeycombed with small holes, in a random pattern reminiscent of moth-eaten fabric. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, October 03 @ 11:55:16 MDT (46999 reads)
    (Read More... | 13292 bytes more | Score: 4.80)
    Operation Skyshield
    Operation Skyshield was a series of three large-scale military exercises conducted in the United States in 1960s designed to test the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) defenses against Soviet air attack. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Saturday, September 03 @ 14:12:06 MDT (41499 reads)
    (Read More... | 7382 bytes more | Score: 4.6)
    Cosmonaut Crashed Into Earth 'Crying In Rage'
    A cosmonaut circles the globe, convinced he will never make it back to Earth; he's on the phone with Soviet official Alexei Kosygin - then a high official of the Soviet Union — who is crying because he too is convinced the cosmonaut is about to die..|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Friday, April 22 @ 23:27:35 MDT (30787 reads)
    (Read More... | 10408 bytes more | Score: 4.52)
    Battle of Britain: Remembering the Czech aces
    This year marks the 71st anniversary of the "Battle of Britain", when the Royal Air Force successfully defended Britain's shores from Nazi invasion. Among the RAF fighting men were almost ninety Czechoslovak and Polish pilots -- including the top scoring ace of the entire battle.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, February 07 @ 18:31:53 MST (20102 reads)
    (Read More... | 6503 bytes more | Score: 4.05)
    British Airways Flight 9
    24/06/1982 - British Airways Flight 9 flew into a cloud of volcanic ash thrown up by Mount Galunggung, causing the simultaneous failure of all four engines and plunging the 263 passengers out of the sky.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Sunday, January 09 @ 23:10:19 MST (24261 reads)
    (Read More... | 8170 bytes more | Score: 4.2)
    The Nuclear Powered Bomber
    In pursuit of what atomic energy might offer the United States Air Forces, in 1944 a program was initiated to produce an operational nuclear powered bomber.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Friday, September 03 @ 21:02:01 MDT (32136 reads)
    (Read More... | 8952 bytes more | Score: 4.47)
    Blue Peacock - The Chicken-powered Nuke
    Blue Peacock Conceived during the Cold War, the seven tonne device was the size of small truck and was designed to be buried or submerged by a British Army retreating from Soviet forces. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Saturday, July 31 @ 10:05:53 MDT (34134 reads)
    (Read More... | 5222 bytes more | Score: 4.26)
    Hitler's Stealth Fighter
    In the final months of WWII, a jet powered flying wing made its first test flight from a remote airfield deep inside Nazi Germany. Generations ahead of its time, the Horten 229 had been designed to be a lethal high speed fighter-bomber and more importantly, virtually undetectable to Allied radar.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Wednesday, April 28 @ 21:12:43 MDT (45800 reads)
    (Read More... | 9353 bytes more | Score: 4.64)
    Dead Hand - Soviet Doomsday Machine
    Dead hand the commonly accepted name for a system developed by the former Soviet Union to allow the country to retaliate against a nation aggressor should a nuclear strike destroy or incapacitate the Soviet leadership. Such a strike is known as a nuclear decapitation.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Thursday, March 18 @ 23:07:38 MDT (32587 reads)
    (Read More... | 5268 bytes more | Score: 4.22)
    The Runit Dome
    50 years after the US military's nuclear testing in the Pacific ended, Marshall islanders are still living with the legacy of a decaying nuclear waste dump known as the Runit Dome.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Thursday, January 21 @ 21:47:45 MST (44652 reads)
    (Read More... | 5566 bytes more | Score: 4.53)
    Goldsboro Broken Arrow
    On 24 January 1961, Goldsboro North Carolina, a B-52 Stratofortress carrying two multi-megaton nuclear bombs broke up in mid-air, dropping its thermonuclear payload near the tiny farming village of Faro.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, November 30 @ 12:13:44 MST (35459 reads)
    (Read More... | 11666 bytes more | Score: 3.92)
    NASA’s Lost Female Astronauts
    In the late 1950s, the United States government contemplated training women as astronauts, and newly released medical test results show that they were just as capable and tough as the men who went to the moon.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Saturday, October 31 @ 08:46:24 MDT (26478 reads)
    (Read More... | 7869 bytes more | Score: 4.11)
    Was Chuck Yeager the First to Break the Sound Barrier?
    The story of how Captain Chuck Yeager opened the throttles of the Bell X-1 Glamorous Glennis in October 1947 is well known. Breaking the sound barrier was to aviation what Neil Armstrong's first step was to the space program. Yeager's name will always sit atop every list of record-breaking pilots, up there by himself in his own special stratosphere. But, was he really the first pilot to fly faster than sound?|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Wednesday, September 30 @ 08:59:18 MDT (28103 reads)
    (Read More... | 15743 bytes more | Score: 4.38)
    Apollo 11
    Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first manned landing moon in July 1969. While 600 million people watched on TV, Neil Alden Armstrong stepped from the LM, and set foot in the dust of Mare Tranquillitatis. The Apollo moon landings were one of the greatest achievement in human history, and have been an inspiration to all mankind for the last 40 years.|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, July 20 @ 21:17:40 MDT (21433 reads)
    (Read More... | 9678 bytes more | Score: 4.17)
    Unit 731 - The Asian Auschwitz
    1932, Pingfang Northern China was the home of Unit 731, the world’s first biological war complex. Masterminded by army doctor General Shiro Ishii, who believed that biological weapons were so powerful, that the normal doctrine of medicine to save lives should be reversed. Today the world is still threatened by the technology pioneered by unit 731, one of this century’s most murderous collaborations between scientists and soldiers. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, June 15 @ 14:17:10 MDT (53109 reads)
    (Read More... | 11782 bytes more | Score: 4.30)
    Fritz Haber - The Father of Modern Chemical Warfare
    When WW1 broke out in 1914, the German high command were confident of an early victory. However the war quickly stagnated into a trench-bound war of attrition, before one of Germanys leading scientists Fritz Haber, offered the Fatherland a way out of the impass. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Thursday, May 14 @ 13:27:45 MDT (49698 reads)
    (Read More... | 12106 bytes more | Score: 4.27)
    The Flying Crowbar
    At the dawn of the atomic age, scientists began work on what might have been the nastiest weapon ever conceived. The SLAM was a failed U.S. Air Force project conceived at the height of the cold war. Although it never proceeded beyond the initial design phase, in the event of nuclear war it was intended to fly below the cover of enemy radar at supersonic speeds delivering thermonuclear warheads. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Thursday, April 16 @ 20:37:52 MDT (44336 reads)
    (Read More... | 9554 bytes more | Score: 4.57)
    Davy Crockett: King of the Atomic Frontier
    On 17 July 1962, a caravan of scientists, dignitaries and VIPs such as Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy gathered in Nevada to witness an historic event. They had come to observe the "Little Feller I" test shot, the final phase of Operation Sunbeam. The main attraction was a secret device bolted to the roof of an armored personnel carrier, a contraption called The Davy Crockett. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Thursday, March 19 @ 18:29:34 MDT (33150 reads)
    (Read More... | 8415 bytes more | Score: 4.56)
    We Were Trapped by Radioactive Fallout
    Bikini Atol 1954 during Operation Castle, nine scientists are caught twenty miles from ground zero when one of the the biggest thermonuclear bombs of all time was detonated. This is the amazing account of their experience...|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Monday, February 23 @ 15:51:56 MST (52941 reads)
    (Read More... | 27284 bytes more | Score: 4.67)
    Thule Broken Arrow
    January 21st 1968, a US Air Force B-52 bomber carrying four hydrogen bombs crashed into the frozen ocean in Greenland near Thule Air Base, causing widespread radioactive contamination. Controversially, the components of only three of the four bombs could be accounted for, leaving a radioactive legacy that haunts the inhabitants of North Star Bay to this day..|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Saturday, January 17 @ 22:35:59 MST (28885 reads)
    (Read More... | 8620 bytes more | Score: 4.36)
    The Vela Incident
    On 22 September 1979, a US satellite recorded a pattern of intense flashes in a remote portion of the Indian Ocean. Moments later a distant, muffled thud was overheard by the US Navy's undersea Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS). Evidently something violent and explosive had transpired in the ocean off the southern tip of Africa. |Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Sunday, December 21 @ 10:23:17 MST (67929 reads)
    (Read More... | 9243 bytes more | Score: 4.36)
    The Man Who Stuck His Head Inside a Particle Accelerator
    As a 36 year old researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, Anatoli Bugorski used to work with the largest Soviet particle accelerator, the synchrotron U-70. On July 13, 1978, Bugorski was checking a malfunctioning piece of equipment when an accident occurred due to failed safety mechanisms..|Read More|
    Posted by sonicbom on Friday, November 28 @ 15:26:56 MST (81482 reads)
    (Read More... | 4488 bytes more | Score: 4.47)
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