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    AP Grenade attacks increasing in Iraq
    In addition to mines IEDs and RPGs, now Russian made armor-piercing grenades are being inceasingly used by insurgents (specifically the self-titled "Thermal Brigade"), and are causing large numbers of casualties in Iraq. |Read More|

    The RKG-3 (Ruchnaya Kumulyativnaya Granata) is an anti-tank grenade of Russian origin used extensively during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

    When the pin is pulled and the grenade is thrown a four-panelled drogue parachute is deployed by a spring. This parachute stabilizes the grenade in flight and ensures that the grenade comes down vertically onto the target. On impact a steel lined shaped charge penetrates the armour, and slow-burning explosives are released to ensure the deadliest effect.

    In order to employ this weapon, the attacker has to be in close proximity to the target, and the vehicle either must be stationary or moving slowly. As can be seen from the video this represents considerable danger to the the attacker as well as the target.

    Type: Hand grenade
    Place of origin: Russia

    Weight: 1.07 kg
    Length: 362 mm
    Effective range: 15-20 m
    Filling: TNT/RDX with steel lined shaped charge
    Filling weight: 0.567 kg
    Fuze: Impact

    What makes this weapon particularly difficult to combat is that can easily be concealed under clothing and then thrown at the last minute by what may have up intil that point appeared to be a civilian. This gives the taget vehicle very little time to react and makes defense agains this weapon almost impossible.

    Source: www.cbsnews.com

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    Posted on Thursday, September 27 @ 21:31:38 MDT by sonicbom
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