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    Category: Main/Military

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      .50 Caliber Impacts  Popular
    225 grain .50 caliber lead slugs impacting produce, safety glasses, cell phones, creamer packs, 50mL laboratory tubes, and an aluminum plate. The slugs were propelled from a prototype airgun. A few clips show a .177 pellet impact for comparison with the .50 caliber projectile energy.
    Version: Filesize: 13.78 MB
    Added on: 18-Oct-2009 Downloads: 15864 Rating: 7.0 (7 Votes)
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      1 Million FPS  Popular
    Astounding and hypnotic video of bullet impacts, filmed in super slow motion at a mind boggling one million frames per second. Another fine piece of work by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit.com. Music: J-Pinch - 'Tribal.J'-

    Version: Filesize: 57.32 MB
    Added on: 18-Oct-2009 Downloads: 22265 Rating: 9.0 (23 Votes)
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      30mm  Popular
    A General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger 30mm rotary cannon being test fired. Used in in the A-10 Thunder bolt II, it fires 4200 (70 rounds per second) rounds per minute of amour piercing rounds mixed with high explosive shells. It was designed to fire its full ammunition load in 10 two-second bursts, with a 1 minute cool down period between bursts.
    Version: Filesize: 1.50 MB
    Added on: 04-Jun-2005 Downloads: 11062 Rating: 7.0 (2 Votes)
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      30mm Insurgents  Popular
    A bit of a mystery this one, what appears to be gun camera footage from an Apache firing on 'insurgents' with it's 30mm M230 cannon. The airframe vibrates but the is no tracer inline with the camera as you would expect, then the projectiles appear from the left in a parabolic arc? They are also traveling way too slow?
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 1.33 MB
    Added on: 12-Oct-2007 Downloads: 21984 Rating: 9.0 (19 Votes)
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      A-10 close call  Popular
    Some squadies in Iraq call in an American A-10 Thunderbolt to take out an enemy position. The first burst is right on target, the second, true to form, is misplaced and nearly obliterates whole squad. FALLBACK!!!
    Version: Filesize: 2.56 MB
    Added on: 30-Jan-2008 Downloads: 21501 Rating: 7.0 (11 Votes)
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      ABM  Popular
    Footage of the US Spartan and Sprint missiles, part of the Safeguard Anti Balistic Missile system. The Sprint missile used an enhanced radiation, or "Neutron" warhead to destroy incoming ICBMs through neutron flux.
    Version: Filesize: 2.72 MB
    Added on: 29-Jul-2006 Downloads: 9055
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      AH-64 Bridge take-out  Popular
    A US Apache AH-64 attack helipcopter taking out an insurgent on foot on a bridge with it's 30mm cannon..

    Version: Filesize: 1.51 MB
    Added on: 07-Jun-2008 Downloads: 16458 Rating: 7.0 (4 Votes)
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      AH-64 insurgents  Popular
    A US Apache AH-64 helipcopter taking out a group of insurgents sitting around a fire with a AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missile, and 30mm cannon.
    Version: Filesize: 6.36 MB
    Added on: 16-Jun-2008 Downloads: 21773 Rating: 8.0 (6 Votes)
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      AH64 Kill  Popular
    Footage of an Apache helicopter making sushi out of some Iraqi soldiers at long range using IR night-vision and his M230 30mm cannon. 30mm hi-ex amour piercing rounds used primarily against armor and light vehicles but equally effective against floppy humans.
    Version: Filesize: 4.80 MB
    Added on: 15-Nov-2004 Downloads: 28170 Rating: 8.0 (17 Votes)
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      Anthrax Island  Popular
    Gruinard Island Scotland, the site for British bio-weapon testing in 1942. The island was heavily contaminated with anthrax spores and was quarantened for nearly 50 years. This footage of the test was recently declassified.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 6.81 MB
    Added on: 08-Mar-2008 Downloads: 15736 Rating: 7.0 (8 Votes)
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