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    Category: Main/Explosions

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      Carbomb Vs. Van  Popular
    Test of an unknown explosive against a stationary vehicle.

    Version: Filesize: 3.44 MB
    Added on: 10-May-2010 Downloads: 7924 Rating: 7.0 (1 Vote)
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      Jersey Carbomb  Popular
    Explosive test of a car bomb against a Jersey barrier. The test was in New Mexico and the explosive consisted of 130kg of fertilizer mixed with diesel fuel.

    Version: Filesize: 2.38 MB
    Added on: 10-May-2010 Downloads: 6940 Rating: 7.0 (3 Votes)
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      Blitz 2  Popular
    Excerpt from the BBC program "The Blitz", showing the effects of German bombs during the Blitz in 1940/41. The SC1000 contained 500kg of the high-explosive Amatol, a mixture of TNT and ammonium nitrate. Amatol has a lower brisance (shattering force), but was far cheaper to produce. The SC1000 was designed to for large industrial targets, but was also used to devastating effect against cities.
    Version: Filesize: 6.00 MB
    Added on: 10-May-2010 Downloads: 8307 Rating: 8.0 (1 Vote)
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      The Blitz  Popular
    Excerpt from the BBC program "The Blitz", showing the effects of two of the bomb types dropped on London during the Blitz during 1940/41. The SC50 containing 50kg of high-explosive, and the SC500 which contained 250kg HE.
    Version: Filesize: 12.85 MB
    Added on: 02-May-2010 Downloads: 8049 Rating: 9.0 (8 Votes)
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      Konda blast 2  Popular
    Another view of the Konda oil blast.

    Version: Filesize: 8.27 MB
    Added on: 13-Apr-2010 Downloads: 8916 Rating: 8.0 (7 Votes)
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      Konda oil blast  Popular
    Home video of the huge explosion at the LPDS Konda oil refinery plant in Russia. A fuel tank finally ruptures from the heat in a huge BLEVE releasing a massive shockwave and a plume of debris.
    Version: Filesize: 4.68 MB
    Added on: 08-Apr-2010 Downloads: 11658 Rating: 10.0 (1 Vote)
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      400lbs of C4  Popular
    Explosive ordnance disposal of rocket motor with 400lbs of C4.

    Version: Filesize: 3.39 MB
    Added on: 26-Mar-2010 Downloads: 11607 Rating: 10.0 (4 Votes)
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      Shockwave  Popular
    Ultra slow motion footage of several thousand pounds of black powder exploding, showing very clearly the otherwise invisible shock wave. Music: Paul Haslinger - 'Haitian Cab Ride (Crank OST)'.
    Version: Filesize: 12.28 MB
    Added on: 21-Mar-2010 Downloads: 16968 Rating: 9.0 (17 Votes)
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      Munitions Factory Blast  Popular
    Footage of an accidental munitions factory explosion at an unknown location.

    Version: Filesize: 1.42 MB
    Added on: 22-Jul-2009 Downloads: 17278 Rating: 8.0 (2 Votes)
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      VBIED Mosul  Popular
    Controlled destruction of a VBIED in Mosul in Iraq.

    Version: Filesize: 1.02 MB
    Added on: 11-Jul-2009 Downloads: 13216 Rating: 6.0 (8 Votes)
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