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    Category: Main/Aircraft

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      A-10 Thunderbolt  Popular
    The A-10 is literally built around its 30-mm GE GAU-8 Avenger seven barrel cannon, the most powerful gun ever fitted to an aircraft of this class. It was designed for high-survivability with a titanium cover surrounding both the cockpit, ammunition and fuel tank. Placement of the engines decreases the infrared signature lowering it's vulnerability to heat seeking missiles and ground fire. Music: Quarashi - 'Copycat'.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 7.97 MB
    Added on: 27-Jan-2007 Downloads: 34856 Rating: 8.0 (26 Votes)
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      A-10 Thunderbolt II  Popular
    The A-10 was designed for high-survivability with a titanium cover surrounding both the cockpit, ammunition and fuel tank. Placement of the engines decreases the infrared signature lowering it's vulnerablity to heatseeking missiles and ground fire. Music: Supergrass - 'Tales of Endurance'.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 25.35 MB
    Added on: 27-Dec-2007 Downloads: 16932 Rating: 9.0 (19 Votes)
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      A-26 Invader 
    The Douglas A-26 Invader was a US twin-engined light attack bomber built by the Douglas Aircraft Co. during World War II that also saw service during several of the Cold War's major conflicts. The A-26 was a single-pilot aircraft, a characteristic it shared with the RAF's de Havilland Mosquito, among others. Music: Glen Miller - 'Chatanooga Choo Choo'.
    Version: Filesize: 14.38 MB
    Added on: 23-Oct-2009 Downloads: 3901 Rating: 9.0 (3 Votes)
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      A-26 Special-K 
    Rare footage shot during the Vietnam War showing the Douglas A-26 Invader operating at England Air Force Base in Louisiana and at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB in Thailand. The final scenes at the Vintage Flying Museum at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, Texas, show the last airworthy A-26A, "Special K," now owned and being restored by the Pacific Prowler organization chaired by Jim Terry.
    Version: Filesize: 45.77 MB
    Added on: 25-Aug-2010 Downloads: 4618 Rating: 9.0 (3 Votes)
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      Arado 234 Blitz  Popular
    The Arado 234 Blitz (Lightning) was the world's 1st operational jet powered bomber, built by the Germans in the closing stages of World War II. It was used almost entirely for reconnaissance, but in its few uses as a bomber it proved to be nearly impossible to intercept.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 26.46 MB
    Added on: 11-Aug-2008 Downloads: 5174 Rating: 9.0 (6 Votes)
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      Avro Arrow  Popular
    The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was a delta-winged interceptor aircraft, designed and built by Avro Aircraft Limited in Canada. The highly advanced design held the promise of Mach 2 speeds at altitudes exceeding 50,000 ft, and was intended to serve as the Royal Canadian Air Force's primary interceptor in the 1960s and beyond. Not long after the 1958 start of its flight test program, the development of the Arrow (including its Orenda Iroquois jet engines) was abruptly and controversially halted, sparking a long and bitter political debate. Music: Steve Fisk & Benjamin Gibbard Overture - 'Kurt Cobain: About a Son' Soundtrack.
    Version: Filesize: 18.92 MB
    Added on: 27-Mar-2009 Downloads: 6622 Rating: 8.0 (9 Votes)
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      B-1B  Popular
    A montage of footage of the Rockwell B-1B Lancer, the B-1A was developed in the 1970s as a replacement for the B-52, holding 43 world records for speed, payload, range, and rate of climb. Music: P.O.D. - "Celestial".

    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 4.69 MB
    Added on: 09-Jul-2005 Downloads: 8614 Rating: 8.0 (7 Votes)
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      B-58 Hustler  Popular
    Compilation of B-58 Hustler footage set to music.

    Version: Filesize: 9.62 MB
    Added on: 22-Oct-2010 Downloads: 5473 Rating: 7.0 (6 Votes)
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      BAC Jet Provost 
    Excerpt from the BBC documentary 'Cold War and Hot Jets' showing presenter James Holland taking a flight in the Jet Provost, a jet trainer used by the RAF from 1955 to 1993.
    Version: Filesize: 25.42 MB
    Added on: 21-Nov-2013 Downloads: 978 Rating: 9.0 (1 Vote)
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      Blackburn Buccaneer  Popular
    The Blackburn Buccaneer was designed as a long-range carrier-based attack aircraft. It entered RAF service in July 1962, and retired in 1992, during which time it remained one of the fastest low-level aircraft. The Buccaneer featured many innovative design features; a variable incidence tail-plane, area ruled fuselage, rotating internal bomb-bay and wing boundary-Layer control. In addition to conventional ordnance, in 1965 the Buccaneer was approved for nuclear weapons delivery i.e. the Red Beard and WE177 bombs carried internally. Music: Death Cab for Cutie - 'I will possess your heart'.
    Version: Filesize: 20.01 MB
    Added on: 07-Jun-2008 Downloads: 7482 Rating: 8.0 (17 Votes)
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