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    Category: Main/Aircraft

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      Panavia Tornado 
    The Panavia Tornado is a family of twin-engine fighters, which was jointly developed by the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. The aircraft has a variably swept delta wing to provide high peformance at all speeds and altitudes. Music: The Crystal Method - "Keep Hope Alive".
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 11.17 MB
    Added on: 14-Nov-2006 Downloads: 4911
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      Merlin Display team 
    A clip of the Agusta Westland EH101 helicopter being put through it's paces by the Royal Airforce Merlin Display Team.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 2.41 MB
    Added on: 17-May-2007 Downloads: 4498
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      Hawker Hunter 
    The Hawker Hunter was a single engine British jet fighter aircraft of the 1950s and 1960s. Powered by the non-reheat Rolls Royce Avon axial flow turbojet, with the first prototype flying in 1951. Britain's first indigenous swept wing fighter it briefly held the world speed record in 1953. It formed the backbone of the RAF fighter force from 1954-1961 and remained in front line service until the early seventies, the last examples only being withdrawn in 1995. Music: Sparta - 'Assemble The Empire'. * Large File *
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 28.30 MB
    Added on: 26-Sep-2007 Downloads: 3289
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      Mil Mi-12  Popular
    The Soviet made Mil Mi-12 (NATO name "Homer") is the largest helicopter ever built. The Mi-12 features the only two-rotor transverse scheme ever built by Mil eliminating the need for a tail rotor. In 1969 it held the helicopter lift record (88000Lbs to 7400Ft).
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 8.46 MB
    Added on: 13-Jan-2008 Downloads: 5031
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      The Caspian Sea Monster  Popular
    The Ekranoplan, nicknamed the Caspian Sea Monster, was a Russian Wing-In-Ground effect vehicle ( WIG) which flew for the first time in 1966. It utilities the 'Ground effect', an effect occurring when a wing travels close to the ground. It could lift 1,000 tonnes, was over 100 m long, weighed 540 tonnes fully loaded, and could travel over 400 km/h (250 mi/h), mere meters above the surface of the water.
    Version: Filesize: 4.21 MB
    Added on: 21-Jan-2008 Downloads: 9473
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      Panavia Tornado  Popular
    The Panavia Tornado is a swing-wing twin-engine fighter-bomber, built by Panavia, a tri-national consortium consisting of British Aerospace, MBB of West Germany, and Alenia Aeronautica of Italy, the Tornado first flew on 14 August, 1974. Music: Muse - 'Hyper Music'.
    Version: Filesize: 36.98 MB
    Added on: 27-Jan-2010 Downloads: 6071
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      BOAC VC-10 1964 Promo 
    Description: 1964 Promotional film showcasing the BOAC's then new VC10 aircraft. The film shows its maiden commercial flight from London to Johannesburg, and various African destinations. The VC10 was originally conceived in 1962 as an airliner, but was inducted into the RAF as an aerial refuelling and transport platform. It was powered by four Rolls-Royce Conway engines (the first turbofan engine) as used in the Victor B2 V-bomber. A total of 54 aircraft were sold, today approximately 16 examples remain in service with the RAF. In 2011 the VC-10 will be replaced by the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft, possibly a converted Airbus A330 airliner.
    Version: Filesize: 67.44 MB
    Added on: 02-Jan-2012 Downloads: 3722
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    Great airshow footage of the Focke-Wulf FW-190, arguably one of the greatest WW2 fighter planes. Powered by a BMW 42 liter turbo-charged radial engine, it makes a noise that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
    Version: Filesize: 10.23 MB
    Added on: 19-Sep-2013 Downloads: 3164
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      787-9 Dreamliner at Farnborough 
    Description: Boeing's expert crew rehearses the flight program for the 2014 Farnborough Airshow.

    Version: Filesize: 30.20 MB
    Added on: 06-Sep-2014 Downloads: 3158
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      The Lockheed U-2  Popular
    The U-2 was designed to provide day and night, high-altitude, all-weather surveillance. Kelly Johnson's design married long glider-like wings to the fuselage of the F-104 Starfighter. The characteristics that provide it's remarkable performance also make it extremely difficult to fly.
    Version: VP6-E Filesize: 10.93 MB
    Added on: 28-Dec-2007 Downloads: 6403 Rating: 1.0 (1 Vote)
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