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    Joe 8

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    Date: 06:33 UTC 14/09/1954 | Type: Airdrop @350m | Yield: 40kt

    The Joe-8 test involved 44,000 Soviet troops at the Totsk range in the Orenberg region. Troops were positioned in trenches as close as 5 km to the designated ground zero, with one group of troops in a forward post about 2.5 km from ground zero. A Tu-4 bomber was used to deliver an RDS-3 nuclear bomb. The weapon detonated at 6:33 GMT with a yield of 40 kt at 350 m. The weapon was 280 m off target, placing it even closer to the group of forward positioned troops. Reports differ regarding the degree of instruction to troops and decontamination procedures. Some soldiers were suffering radiation sickness upon return to their base. The soldiers were sworn to secrecy, and reports of long-term radiation injury are poorly documented.

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    Published on: 2005-10-20 (70433 reads)

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