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    Tsar Bomba

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    Date: 08:33 UTC 30/10/1961 | Type: Airburst @4000m | Yield: 50 Mt

    Tsar Bomba, the King of all Bombs. No other man made explosion has come close to the power of 1961 test. Its yield was ten times greater then all of the munitions exploded during WWII. It was not a practical weapon, but a Cold War political stunt to frighten the West. Weighing 27 tons and 8 meters long, the TU-95 that carried had to be specially modified. Parachute retarded, it detonated 4km over the Novaya Zemlya testing grounds. It initially created a 6.5km wide fireball, Light from the detonation was visible 1,000 km away; blast damage 1000km away; the mushroom cloud rose as high as 64 km and developed to a width of 30-40 km.

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