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    Item |Greenhouse|

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    Date: 18:17 UTC 24/05/1951 | Type: Tower @60m | Yield: 45.5 Kt

    Item was the first test of the principal of "fusion boosting". Using a cryogenic deuterium-tritium mixture in a cavity inside the HEU core which was compressed and heated by the implosion, undergoing a limited fusion reaction. These thermonuclear reactions injected high energy neutrons into the core greatly increasing efficiency of the fission reaction and subsequently the yield. The boosting approximately doubled the yield over its expected unboosted value. This development allowed the use of less of the expensive fissile material for the same yield. More significantly this meant a lighter assembly, critical is the ongoing miniaturisation of nuclear weapons.

    Published on: 2007-03-14 (9823 reads)

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